Monday, June 28, 2010

Original Logbook from 1972

Some photos of the original green logbook for Seawolf 324.

First photo is the front cover of the green binder. Binder end pocket also has "324".

The last daily log page for 2-29-72 that shows the helicopter "red X" status and total time 4390:30. Crew Chief's name is R. Clayton. Last flight was the day before, 2-28-72.

DA FORM 2404 listing maintenance items when the helicopter was returned by HA(L)-3 to the Army on 2-27-72 with 4389 hours. Signed by W.P. Bennett at 0815 and by C.R. Hall III at 1000 hours.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Project Update - June 24, 2010

Seawolf 324 on the ramp, ready to go, except missing one main rotor blade.

Nose door painted by Dennis Russel, Seawolf veteran in El Paso, TX

More photos of Seawolf 324

Installing the skid landing gear with the entire helicopter lifted using a crane truck.

Cabin and tail boom fresh from the paint shop.

Cockpit as it looks today.

Cockpit and cabin during rebuild, everything removed for paint and to install new wiring.

Cockpit and wiring, a mess at this point several years ago.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Update for today.....tail boom is now attached to the cabin. Skid gear installed. Armor seats installed. Plus many more small things that the crew has worked on in the past 24 hours.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Project Update - June 15, 2010

The helicopter has been repainted to the correct dark green color that HA(L)3 used on most of the B models in Vietnam. The airframe is being put back together, maintenance inspections and upgrades are being performed to make ready for flying VERY SOON.

Randy painting the orange color to the top of the elevators.

Tail Boom in the paint booth.

Cabin section just after roll out from the paint booth. Now has rotor mast, seats, doors, etc.