Thursday, August 11, 2011

Seawolf 324 back home.

Here is a photo of Seawolf 324, a UH-1B, back in the hangar at Show Low airport (KSOW) with all the other UH-1H Restricted Category "Super Huey" fleet.  Guns and rocket pods were removed and packed inside for the flight back from Oshkosh.

Some more photos from Oshkosh.

Air-To-Air photos shot by EAA from a Cessna 210 over water.  More to come later from EAA.

Instrument panel photo on the flight home.

Show center, on the 500 ft. line from the crowd during the afternoon Warbird show.  M-16 barrel in photo.  Gun hanging on back of pilot armored seat.  Rocket sight is down, in front of pilot.  Flex sight for mini-gun is stowed up on left side.

Lift off from the Warbird display area.  Leaving to go fly in the afternoon air show.  The OH-6 was the only other warbird helicopter at Oshkosh this year.

Left to right,  John Boucher (owner of Seawolf), Larry Clark (pilot), Charlie Johnson (Seawolf), Mike Connelly (Seawolf), Gary Kratz (Seawolf) and Scott Curtis (Seawolf crew chief).

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